Client: Grizzly Pine
Role: Illustration, Packaging Design, Web and Social Media Design, Layout Design, Print Production
I refreshed the Grizzly Pine visual identity by spearheading a cohesive packaging design concept. Inspired by the brand's geometric logo, I crafted a visually impactful and unified packaging theme across the entire product range. The project showcases my ability to translate brand elements into a comprehensive design strategy, ensuring a seamless and distinctive store presence. This innovative packaging concept enhances brand recognition and reinforces the brand's core identity, creating a visually compelling and cohesive narrative for consumers.
I strategically integrated the imagery across various digital and physical platforms to extend the brand's visual identity beyond the initial illustration branding package. On the web, the illustrations were seamlessly woven into the website design, enriching user experience and reinforcing brand recognition. Through vibrant banners, posters, and displays in-store, the illustrations captivated customers, establishing a cohesive and inviting ambiance. The brand achieved a unified presence by leveraging these visuals across online and offline channels, effectively communicating its identity and values to its audience.
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