Client: Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation
Project: Khumbu Climbing Center
Role: Print Layout and Design, Illustration

The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation (ALCF) is dedicated to preserve Alex Lowe's legacy by providing support to people living in remote locations in the world. One of their highlight projects is the creation of the Khumbu Climbing Center (KCC) in Phortse, Nepal, located high in the himalayas on the trail to Everest. 

Working with ALCF, I first created a pitch deck (below) to highlight the projects goals and progress. This was shown at many speaking events and fundraisers to help generate funds to contribute to the KCC's construction and education initiatives.
Close up of illustrated area map of the Khumbu Valley.
In the Khumbu Climbing Center is the worlds highest climbing wall. I worked with Jenny Lowe-Anker, Board President of the ALCF, to create a vision and the artwork of the climbing wall. Above are the original illustrations and mock-ups of the wall design. Unfortunately, with the logistics and remoteness of the KCC, the design had to be simplified due to the climbing wall manufactures concerns about artwork line-up between panels. We couldn't afford to have any visual issues since there would be no easy way to fix them.
The modified and simplified version of the climbing wall.
The final version of the climbing wall, in use at the KCC's dedication ceremony.
Brochure highlighting the progress in building the Khumbu Climbing Center
A second brochure, created when the Khumbu Climbing Center was nearing completion.
Working with Jenny Lowe-Anker, we created all the artwork that was then sent to Nepali artisans who carved the custom doors for the KCC
Advertisement design.
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